Cut Me a Piece of Meat Part 1

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    Once upon a time in the City of Bahalala. There live this Two Laqudas. They had this great quest for a great task called the Meat piece. And in this land meat has always been an issue because they have always been scarcity of meat in the land. One day, in the kitchen.

    This Conversation happened…

    (Kitchen set,Song playing saintsamiGanja by slimcase. Nulah walks in looking lost and hungry)

    Arewa: What can I do for you please?

    Nulah: Please help me I need meat and I am ashamed to ask.

    Arewa: I can’t give you this Meat ooo

    Nulah: why?

    Arewa: This meat has been counted

    Nulah: haaaaa, cut small for me,just small, I won’t tell anybody.

    Arewa: You see that they have counted the Meat and they are looking at me. I won’t want to disgrace myself here. Moreover You are too beautiful to be begging for Meat.

    Nulah: (And now she is on her Kneels begging).
    Please help a sister in need. Nobody will know that I just cut small piece of meat. My beauty cannot afford this Meat at the moment.

    Arewa: (staring at her with compassion)
    Hmmmm, Take this!!!

    Nulah: (collected the small thinny piece of Meat stylishly and ate it,suddenly she began to cough profusely)

    Watch out for Part 2

    Story: PP Olusegun LEBI
    Editor: PP Olusegun LEBI
    Sound Fx: PP Olusegun LEBI
    Director: PP Olusegun LEBI

    Arewa – Rtr. Temitope
    Nulah – Rtr. Halimat

    This is coming from the Rataract Club of GBAGADA studios (Bafayana Studios). And the full Movie will be out 29th December 2018 at **** Block that Date on your calendar.*

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